Marcel Lapeyre
Born in Colombia, Marcel embodies the fusion of Colombian and French cultures, enriched further by his upbringing in Barcelona. His fascination with cinema sparked early, inspired by the diverse narratives of the big screen and his multicultural surroundings. Gifted a camera by his mother, Marcel's adolescence became a canvas for his burgeoning creativity, leading to the production of short films at the age of 14, weaving together Colombian, French, and Catalan influences. Immersing himself in independent cinema, Marcel honed his skills in various production roles, shaping a unique style that reflects his multicultural identity. Currently, he is an integral part of the Cinema Clandestí collective while also working as a camera operator and editor at a production company. Additionally, he operates as a freelance artist, eagerly seeking new opportunities to showcase his talent and expand his horizons.. 
Currently, producing his first movie.